Mission Statement

To develop and implement action plans to protect and enhance the quality of life in our community.

The Lake Highlands Area Improvement Association is an alliance of member neighborhood associations, homeowner and crime watch groups within or immediately adjacent to the Lake Highlands High School attendance boundaries.

The primary goals of the Association are to protect and promote home ownership and neighborhood self-determination; enhance the quality of life for all citizens; and practice resource management and responsible representation. The group envisions a master plan for economic development. Participation is welcome from individuals and organizations that recognize the value of these efforts.


What does the LHAIA Do?

The Association is comprised of member representatives, two from each member neighborhood group, plus many other volunteers from the community. The purpose of the organization includes:

  • Educating citizens about issues affecting the Lake Highlands area
  • Promoting cooperation and information sharing among neighborhood groups
  • Investigating issues that adversely impact the Lake Highlands area
  • Identifying common interests and developing strategies to address related problems impacting Lake Highlands
  • Implementing action plans to improve the quality of life of the area
  • Presenting views of the residents responsibly and clearly to officials and government bodies representing citizens with Lake Highlands

The Association holds general meetings on a quarterly basis. Committees meet on their own schedule according to the needs and desires of the particular group.

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