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Little Egypt Church
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Some of the earliest landowners in Lake Highlands were newly freed slaves, Jeff and Hanna Hill, who founded the Little Egypt community after the Civil War on the southwest corner of what is now Ferndale and Northwest Highway. Little Egypt grew to a village of 200 houses, a school and a church which became the center of community life. The residents worked on nearby farms and took pride in their lush home gardens and fruit orchards.

In the 1950’s new homes were built around the community and long time residents speak fondly of their Little Egypt neighbors. Although the children were schooled separately, they were welcome and played in each other’s homes. In 1962 the residents voted to sell their land to developers; each family received $6,500 and were relocated to new homes in Oak Cliff. The night before the May move the community gathered in the church and prayed for a rain-free day so that the moving trucks could navigate the unpaved dirt roads. Their prayers were answered, and an important piece of LH history was gone, but not forgotten.

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