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Flagpole Hill, one of the highest points in Dallas County, was originally known as Doran Point and Agate Hill. In conjunction with the CCC project at White Rock Lake in the early 30’s, improvements were made on “the Hill” with the addition of a pavilion, an operations center, as well as the Flagpole itself. For decades, families have enjoyed sledding its slopes when snowfall allowed or delighting in the sounds of music with the annual Dallas Symphony Orchestra’s performance each spring.

As Steven Butler recalls, “back in the 1950s, Flag Pole Hill was one of my favorite places in the whole world. It was there, amidst the cedar trees, that I reenacted some of my favorite TV shows. Sometimes, with a coonskin cap and a toy musket, I was Davy Crockett defending the Alamo. On other occasions with a turned-up cowboy hat and a yellow bandana I became Corporal Rusty from "Rin Tin Tin," fighting off Indians at Fort Apache. Yes, thanks to me, Flag Pole Hill sure saw a lot of history recreated”.

Flagpole HillFlagpole HillFlagpole HillFlagpole Hill
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