Lake Highland Historical Association

The Lake Highlands Historical Association was formed in January of 2000 by Robin Moss Norcross. The mission of the organization is to investigate and document the history of the Lake Highlands area and to provide opportunities to educate the community about its heritage. The LHHA has an ongoing Oral History Project in order to preserve the memories and experiences of long time Lake Highlands residents.

In the spring of 2004, the LHHA joined forces with the Lake Highlands Area Improvement Association. Membership is open to anyone interested in furthering the goals of the organization.

Current LHHA Board members are:

  • Charlie Brim
  • Risa Brown
  • Sam Childers
  • Sally Grinsfelder
  • Robin Norcross
  • Roger Pryor

For more information or to join the LHHA please contact Robin Norcross at 214.662.9133 or email her at

Historical Occurrences in Lake Highlands

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