What has the LHAIA Accomplished?

In the early years the LHAIA focused its attention on establishing its presence in the community by increasing the organization’s name recognition and attracting new member homeowner associations and crime watch groups throughout Lake Highlands. With the additional volunteers generated from these actions the group has been able to serve the community through active committee participation. A summary of past LHAIA activities includes:

  • Continuous community updates via the web site and general meetings
  • Real-time communication via the LHAIA email listserv
  • 2002 LHAIA Retail Research Report identifying needed retail
  • LH Shopper directory of local retail
  • 2003 Brainstorming Session, providing priority and direction for LHAIA actions
  • Active voice to the state to prohibit sexually-oriented businesses in Lake Highlands
  • Assistance in establishing new neighborhood associations
  • 2004 LHAIA Quality of Living Survey, providing planning input to city leaders
  • Participation in city strategic planning via the District 10 Land Use Plan Advisory Committee, 2003-2006
  • Business owners meetings to encourage the use of 911 and crime watch groups at retail centers
  • Petition to convenience store owners to stop selling drug paraphernalia (2005)
  • Forum for community discussion on big box development with Wal-Mart (2005)
  • Apartment relations efforts with property managers to clean up slum properties
  • Attorney Advisory Group assistance on litigation with irresponsible commercial property owners
  • Detailed plans for future area identity signage and landscape beautification
  • Education programs on code compliance, effective use of 911, strong mayor proposal, urban design trends, multi-family ordinance changes, Dallas’ big box ordinance, TIF’s and PID’s
  • Coordinated a community petition drive to support the Dallas Parks Department in the reclamation of the Jules E. Muchert Army Reserve Center.

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