How to keep lake side area neat and clean?

Lake side area faces many challenges. In order to keep it clean all the time, regular efforts needs to be made. As the area surrounded by a lake is huge, it is not possible to keep it neat and clean all the time solely by government efforts. Nevertheless, Lake highlands area improvements is a must and hence, sincere efforts should be made for the same.

 In order to achieve the results, participation of people visiting the place and the people, living around that area is necessary as well. Volunteers need to be handled over this job. People who are lover of nature and appreciate natural beauty would be obviously interested in keeping the place clean.

 After all, it is the people who use the lake and get the advantage of its beauty and therefore it is not only important that they willingly participate in maintaining the peaceful and beautiful nature of Lake but it’s it is also there is responsibility as a citizen of the nation.

 In order to achieve this result, regular efforts needs to be made and people who are creating a mess around the area should be made aware of it. Strict action should be taken against anybody who is found indulged in any act of that hinders the Beauty and the peacefulness of the lake.

This includes illegal fishing, throwing wrappers and other eating residual around the area, or any other efforts that directly or indirectly affects the cleanliness and the serenity of the place.

If this is done on a regular basis, then there is no reason why the naturally blessed Lakeside area would not be maintained properly and the people living around the area as well as the new visitors would be able to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of mother earth and lake.

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