General advice on development of an area

Everybody wants to live in a peaceful and beautiful place. We all work very hard all night and day to build a home. That home is build for a purpose. We all want to live there peacefully with our family and close friends.

While, home is very important part of our life, the area surrounding our home and the colony too is equally important. Unless and until our neighborhood and surrounding areas are also peaceful and beautiful, we would not be able to enjoy the life around our home to the fullest.

 In order to build beautiful area, a collective effort is required. We all should think globally and act locally. If we can keep our home and surrounding area beautiful, then it would automatically transform our complete area and surrounding areas into a beautiful place.

Some areas like Lake Highlands have been gifted beautifully by nature. They are blessed with natural and pleasing scenery and they form a fabulous view. Still, in order to sustain this natural gift, Lake highlands area improvements is necessary. As said earlier, this can only be done with help of the people living in the area.

In order to do this, it is important that things are done in an organized manner. The best way is to form a committee of volunteers and enthusiasts who are willing to contribute in building a beautiful community around their place.

Contributions need to be done collectively and as per everyone’s capability, interest and potential. Those who are interested in donating labor should decide weekly, monthly or weekend plan for reform.

Those who are busy but want to contribute can help with monitory donations. Others can promote the concept, make more and more people aware of it and help in building a bigger team of volunteers. All these efforts would collectively be helpful in development of an area.

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